Rafael Sarandeses | Executive & Career Coach


  •  I met you in The PowerMBA classes. You've really inspired me. Thanks Rafael! - A.M.

  • Thank you for the great webinar! I am sure you put me now on the good track - L.V.W.

  •  I just wanted to thank you for the working from home webinar last week. It's already helping, in particular grouping similar tasks is proving highly effective! - S.B.

  • I just assisted at your webinar regarding the optimisation of productivity while staying at home. I would like to thank you because I found it really interesting and I cannot wait to apply its elements to my daily working routine. - F.V.

  • Thank you so much for your recent webinar on How to Get Your Productivity Back While Working from Home. I really enjoyed your talk and look forward to putting your lessons into practice! - P.C.

  •  I wanted to let you know that I really appreciated today's Career fitness workshop. I have learnt a lot and for sure will apply everything in the future. - A.B.

  • First of all, I would like to thank you for such valuable insights you share with us, find it indeed very helpful. - T.K.

  • Rafael, thank you for the IE Career sessions. As my peers also said, that was the most useful career coaching that I have received from IE. I am looking forward to exploring my career path using the tools from you session. Thanks again. -  A.B.

  • Hello Rafael. I just completed your 'How to Lead your Career through Uncertainty' course and would like to connect with you. Thanks a lot for the course. I thought it was really high quality stuff you presented, and it has giving me a LOT of things to think about. -  F.C.

  • Hey Rafael, how are you? I’m currently finishing my MIF in IE and last time we spoke was in February about career opportunities, as I was struggling to find a job. When we spoke, I told you that I was interested in private markets and you pointed out that my pitch highlighted my relationship management potential more than anything. This was somewhat conflicting because I never wanted to take the typical Investment Banking route of finance. You told me how your career path wasn’t conventional and you eventually found your way. I kept this mindset present when looking for new opportunities after we spoke, opportunities where I could leverage my existing skills. I am very happy to tell you that I have landed an Investor Relations internship at Ardian, the private investment house. I will be starting in September in London and I am extremely happy. I thought you’d like to know the impact that you had on choosing my career path. The biggest lesson for me was that taking the conventional path isn’t always the right move. Thank you once again and wish you all the best in your future endeavors - E.R.


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