Rafael Sarandeses
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In early 2019, I joined Talengo (formerly Norman Broadbent in Spain) as Principal and Head of the Financial Services Practice to help our clients in the industry find the best talent for their culture, context and needs.
To that end, I combine our firm’s 20-year track record and proven methodology with my experience in the sector and a deep understanding of professional change.
Talengo is an Executive Search and Leadership Consulting firm with an international scope:

Our firm helps clients find the executives that can lead the transformation of their businesses and take on the challenges of a globalized world.

We also identify talent within our clients’ organisations, building a map of organisational talent and risks, and we prepare leaders to assume current and future challenges.

We believe that diversity is a strategic axis for change and key for organisational growth. As such, we facilitate the development of inclusive leaders, able to optimize all of the organisation’s talent and create cultural environments that drive strategy achievement.

Talengo participates in Panorama, an international alliance that allows us to give our clients a global reach in 30 countries across 5 continents. We have a long history backed by our clients and an on-going commitment to excellence certified by our membership in the AESC (Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants).
Talengo is Transform, Inspire and Respect. Talengo is Share, Care and Act. All of them are values that define our way of helping clients.
Rafael Sarandeses
Executive search
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