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Mi mission is to help high-potential executives find the right job, define and achieve their most important professional goals and master career transitions.
I combine my 20-year track record as a professional athlete, entrepreneur and investment banker with a deep understanding of change and my training as an executive and organisational coach (Columbia Coaching Certification Programme).

I am particularly interested in behavioural design, and I am a certified habits coach under BJ Fogg behavioural model (Stanford).

I enjoy partnering with executives who find themselves at critical inflexion points in their careers.

My ideal clients are entrepreneurs and professionals with 10+ years of professional experience in banking, investment management, fintech or other parts of the financial services industry. They are self-directed and results-oriented, and they are willing to make a personal investment in defining and achieving their most important career goals.

Performance & career coaching
  • Navigating challenging company or industry changes
  • Preparing for an important promotion or greater responsibility in their current role
  • Defining (and planning for) their next critical business or career goals
  • Developing (or taming) key behavioural traits, or building key leadership skills
  • Seeking clarity and a sense of purpose around future career development
I help my clients by fast-tracking adaptive changes, reframing limiting beliefs and fine-tuning mindset for high-performance, and by eliminating behavioural blind-spots, enhancing their experiential learning and improving their effectiveness and productivity. Through our partnership, my clients enjoy the right balance of challenge, support and accountability.
Rafael Sarandeses
Executive coaching
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