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Welcome to my little repository of experiments, ideas and lessons learned as I continue to explore how to best deal with professional change and performance at work. I write about how to craft rewarding professional careers for an accelerating world.
I regularly contribute to publications like Better Humans (Medium members-only posts), eFinancialCareers.com, the IE Talent & Careers Blog, The Mission or The Startup. I also answer questions related to the above topics on Quora.
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5 Habits to Build Better Relationships at Work in 2019

Better thinkers A guide to Antifragile CareersRafael SarandesesExecutive coaching Executive search Teaching Better thinkers Book notesAboutContactBetterThinkers·Antifragile Careers·Rafael SarandesesAboutContactBetter thinkers A guide to Antifragile CareersThink about...

How To Perform When You Don’t Have The Skills For The Job

A Life Lesson Courtesy of Goldman Sachs I am a regular writer in Quora on topics such as life, work and careers in investment banking. As I was recently scrolling through some of the questions, one particularly stood out: What type of math is required to become an...

How To Make Sure You Are Leaving Your Job For The Right Reasons

Options For The Professional Mid-Life Crisis Are you thinking of leaving your current job to pursue your true calling? Are you a few years into your career and asking yourself where to go next? Do you feel disengaged at work, with low energy and out of tune with the...

A 3-Step Framework to Stop Being Dominated by Our Environment

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” — Mike Tyson “We think our external environment is conspiring in our favour — that is, helping us — when it is taxing and draining us. It is not interested in what it can give us. It’s only interested in what...

A Guide To The Science Of Giving

Develop an abundance mindset, give freely, feel fulfilled Last weekend we went out to enjoy Madrid’s gorgeous weather in the park. My three-year-old son Rafa started playing with a new truck. The kind of toy with all the moving parts, lights and colours that can make...

How to Sleep Better to Boost Your Productivity and Your Health

3 Simple Tactics That Can Make All The Difference “When I look back on mistakes I’ve made, they all have one thing in common. I was tired.” — Kristin Lemkau We all aim to do more and do better, at work and at home. But sometimes we forget how important it is to...

How to Stop a Bad Day from Taking You Down

Lessons learned as an entrepreneur The other day I was reflecting on my transition to entrepreneurship from my previous career as an investment banker, and how my life changed in the process. Risk, financial (in)security and the sense of responsibility are significant...

Why to Stop Being Wrong Matters More than Being Right

Quick tip: to win races you need to finish races Valencia, May 2002. I am sitting on the grid at the first round of the Telefónica World Series (current Formula Renault 3.5). Ricardo Zonta is sitting on pole position, I am alongside on the first row, with Franck...

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