Rafael Sarandeses
I am a 3-times founder with a former life in professional motorsports (1998 Spanish F3 Champion) and a 15-year career as an investment banker, as an investor and entrepreneur.
As a 40-year-old multipotentialite in my 8th professional life, I have made many mistakes but I have also learnt a great deal about managing change and dealing with uncertainty and asymmetric information in the professional context.

I am fluent in 4 languages, having worked and launched businesses in 5 countries across Europe and Africa.

My “why”
10 years ago I became Recruiting Captain for Iberia’s Sales & Trading division at Morgan Stanley. That random opportunity ignited in me an interest for career development and performance at work.

I decided to nurture this “initial spark” by exploring the factors that allow us to craft rewarding professional careers and by supporting others around me who would find themselves facing professional transitions.

Today, a decade later, that initial interest has grown into a solid sense of purpose, which I am now fulfiling in a number of ways:

  • As a Performance and Career Executive Coach, partnering with executives at critical inflexion points in their professional careers.
  • As a Career Mentor and Associate Professor at IE Business School, helping MiF and MBA candidates improve their behavioural and career fitness to enhance their employability post-graduation, with a focus on financial services
To make sense of it all, I write.
In my Articles, I focus on how to craft antifragile careers that thrive in the age of change. My writing has been published on Better Humans, eFinancialCareers.com, The Mission or The Startup, and I contribute to the IE Careers Blog. My essays and posts have been read by circa 1 million people since I started publishing in late 2017.
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Rafael Sarandeses
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